Hippopotamus Baby Toy


Hippo babies are really cute. Like little miniatures of their parents, they have cute little rotund barrel-like torsos, little beady eyes and funny little ears. Adorable.

Now you can get a little hippo toy animal of your own. Have him go on toy hippo adventures in the jungle or out on the plains, have him play in a pool at the zoo, or team him up with your other toy animals and other action figures to have amazing, fantastic adventures of your own creation. When it comes to imaginative, creative play, the sky's the limit!

While your baby hippo animal toy is sure to bring you a lot of fun, wouldn't it be even more fun if your baby hippo animal figure had a mom or dad hippo? Now you can get hippopotamus baby toy and a parent hippo toy animal figures for a great discounted price in our Hippopotamus Family Toy Set. Check it out!

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This hippopotamus baby toy is well made and will hold up in sandboxes, trips to the beach, out in the backyard, as well as indoors in the family room, or even the bathtub. This hippopotamus baby toy will be a great addition to your toy collection, plus make a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Like all toys from Safari Ltd., this hippopotamus baby toy is pthalate and lead free, and thoroughly safety tested. This baby hippo animal toy was sculpted in its lifelike pose by professional toy designers, and carefully hand painted for detail and realism.

Hippopotamus Baby Toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. 270529

Measures: 3” L x 1.5” H (7.5 x 4 cm)

Recommended Ages: 3+

Interesting facts about baby hippos:

Baby hippos are called calves.

Hippo calves are born underwater.

Hippo calves must wait until their mothers leave the water in order to suckle.


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