Sow Toy


Here's a great sow toy that's perfect for your barnyard toy set. She's got a charming smile on her face as though she's watching her piglets getting in trouble, or as if she's about to go off on some sort of adventure with some of her other barnyard friends.

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Modeled in plastic in a lifelike pose, this sow toy has a nice smooth texture. Hand painted carefully, this sow toy is a wonderful pink color with black and dark pink details. This sow toy is thoroughly safety tested, lead free, and pthalate free.

Sow toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. 233929

Measurements:3.82″ x 1.25″ x 1.91″ (9.80 cm x 3.20 cm x 4.90 cm)

Recommended ages: 3+

Interesting facts about pigs:

Did you know that pigs have excellent senses of taste? It’s true: Pigs have 15,000 taste buds! Humans only have 9,000.

Did you know that there are over 2 billion pigs on the planet? That’s a lot of sows.


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