Piglet Toy


Oh my, such a cute piglet toy! He's got a wonderful expression on his face that really has a lot of personality. One glance and your children will immediately want to launch into imaginary adventures with this little piglet toy.

Imagine the adventures you can have if your piglet is teamed up with a mama and daddy pig? You can get three pig toys – this piglet, plus a sow and a boar – for a discounted price in our Pig Family Toy Set sold only here at The Wild Animal Store.

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Each piglet toy is hand painted with great attention to detail. Each piglet toy is well made and will hold up to outdoor and indoor play. This toy would make a great gift for all sorts of occasions including Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays.

This piglet toy is thoroughly safety tested, lead free, and pthalate free.

Classic Piglet toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. 234029

Measurements:2.22″ x 0.78″ x 1.56″ (5.70 cm x 2.00 cm x 4.00 cm)

Recommended ages:3+

Interesting piglet facts:

Piglets are usually around 2.5 pounds when they are born.

Did you know that a mother pig “sings” in a pig sort of way to her nursing piglets.

Denmark as two times as many pigs as it has humans!


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