Male Lion Toy


Every collection of African animal toys needs to have a male lion toy – the King of the Jungle! Along with other lion figurines, this male lion toy will round out your very own lion family.

The Lion has a wide range that used to extend from Sub-Saharan Africa all the way to Asia. It's a fierce predator capable of taking down large mammals including zebras, deer of all sorts, wildebeests, and buffalo. Hunting in packs, lions will often hunt under the cover of darkness. During the day they will lounge and sleep while the lion cubs play.

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As long as you’re considering a male lion toy, why not also consider getting an entire lion family toy set? We offer three great lion family toys set – a male lion toy, a lioness toy, and a baby lion toy all at a discounted price. Check it out!

This male lion toy is made by Safari Ltd. which means that it is professionally sculpted in a lifelike pose, and each figure is hand painted with wonderful attention to detail.

Male Lion Toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd.

Measures: 5.5″ L x 3″ H (14 x 7.5 cm)

Recommended ages: 3+

Interesting facts about Lions:

Male lions tend to not live as long as female lions because of constant fighting with other male lions.

Lions are very social compared to other cat species.

The mane of a male lion is thought to be used to make the lion look larger, thus intimidating rival male lions as well as frightening prey.


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