Gorilla Toys Family Set


Get a gorilla parent and gorilla baby toy for a low, discounted price with this exclusive set from the Wild Animal Store. Perfect for gifting, or as just an inexpensive way to add a pair of toys to your collection, playing with a parent and baby gorilla is going to be hit with the kids in your life.

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Here’s a great chance to get two gorilla animal toys for a great price. Get this adult gorilla animal toy as well as this baby gorilla animal toy and prepare for all sorts of creative and imaginative play.

These gorilla toys can be used as part of your imaginary zoo, an imaginary trip to Africa – you name it, these gorilla toys will take you there. These are well made toys which will hold up in the playroom, the bath tub or outdoors in the sandbox or on the lawn.

Like all toys from Safari Ltd., this toy is pthalate and lead free, and thoroughly safety tested. Also, each Safari toy is hand painted in great detail with amazing realism.

Gorilla Toys Specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. Baby Gorilla: 294829

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. Adult Gorilla: 282829

Baby Gorilla 3.5” L x 2.5” H (9 x 6.5 cm)

Adult Gorilla 4.25” L x 3.75” H (11 x 9.5 cm)

Recommended Ages: 3+

Interesting facts about lowland gorilla families:

Gorillas live in social groups called troops that are made up of multiple females and only one (or a few) males.


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