Jumbo Male Lion


The king of the jungle deserves to be big – and this jumbo-sized lion toy is big!

It's larger than average size makes it a great toy for younger aged children. Little hands can easily grab it, set it up, and move it about. Even better, the toy's made of a soft, lightweight plastic so it's not too heavy and the edges aren't too hard. Still though, it's a durable animal figurine that can stand up well in all sorts of settings. From bedroom to sandbox, from playroom to the lawn, this king of the jungle can handle all kinds of play and its large size means you won't lose it when playtime's over and it's time to pick up.

This plastic animal replica will make a good addition to your animal collection. Hand painted and sculpted for a realistic detailed look, it will spark hours of imaginative play. The scale is 1:10. This animal toy is lead free and safety tested.

The things you can do with this toy are practically unlimited. This lion king can roam imaginary worlds on his own, he can have adventures with other animals in your collection, or he can lead a lion family of his own. Will he be a dangerous predator or a benevolent ruler? Why not both?

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Manufacturer: Safari Ltd.

Dimensions: 10″ L x 5.5″ H (25.5 x 14 cm)

Manufacturer recommended age: 3+


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