Chicken Toy


Here's a classic white chicken toy for your pretend barnyard. Every barnyard needs one!

She's got a bright red comb and bright orange-yellow feet. She's looking up proudly, ready to strut her stuff around the chicken coop. Add your chicken toy to everyday life in the barnyard or have her go on fantastic adventures of your own creation.

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The little chicken toy is hand painted in vivid colors with great attention to detail. This chicken toy is thoroughly safety tested, lead free, and pthalate free.

Chicken Toy toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. 160229

Measurements:1.66″ x 2.15″ x 0.00″ (4.25 cm x 5.50 cm x cm)

Recommended ages: 3+

Interesting facts about chickens:

Did you know that there are more chickens in the world than any other kind of bird species? The are 25 billion chickens!!!

The chicken was the first bird to have its genome sequenced. This happened in 2004.

Female chickens are called pullets until they are old enough to lay eggs – they’re called hens.


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