Boar Toy


Here is a strong old boar toy to add to your barnyard toy collection. He's got an amusing and wise old smile on his face, and he looks ready to keep watch over the barnyard, or head out on some fantastic adventure.

Painted in a classic pink, this boar toy stands easily, and feels solid to the touch. This plastic animal toy is well-made and should hold up well indoors and outdoors.

A boar toy on its own is a perfectly fun and good toy to get – but don't let your boar get lonely! You can also buy him as part of our Pig Family Toy Set, a cool set where you get a Boar toy, a Sow toy, and a super cute Piglet toy, all for one discounted price. Check it out for yourself here!

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This boar toy will make a great addition to your own toy collection, or it will make an excellent gift for the barnyard animal fans in your life! Consider gifting it for birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions. This boar toy is thoroughly safety tested, lead free, and pthalate free.

Boar toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. 235229

Measurements:4.29″ x 1.56″ x 2.54″ (11.00 cm x 4.00 cm x 6.50 cm)

Recommended ages: 3+

Interesting pig facts:

Pigs drink a lot of water – as much as 14 gallons of water every day!

Did you know that pig hearts have been used as human heart transplants?

Pigs roll around in the mud in order to stay cool. They can’t sweat so the mud helps keep them cool.


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