Baby Zebra Toy


Zebra babies are super cute! Your zebra animal toy family won't be complete until you get a zebra foal animal figure. And if you want an adult zebra to go with your baby zebra, we offer a Zebra Toys Family Set at a discounted price here. Check it out!

Baby zebras lie at the heart of the typical zebra herd. When predators come around, the mares will form a protective circle while the stallion will go on offense and try to chase the threat away. When zebras are on the move, zebra mares are sure to keep their foals safely within the herd and not tagging along behind.

Re-enact these kinds of scenes from daily zebra life with your zebra foal toy animal from Safari Ltd. Or, create adventure tales of your own creation starring your baby zebra animal toy. You can even have your baby zebra animal figure go off on fantastic adventures with your other toys. When it comes to creative and imaginative play, the sky's the limit!

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Like all toys from Safari Ltd., this baby zebra toy is pthalate and lead free, and thoroughly safety tested. This animal toy was designed by professional sculptors to have a remarkable lifelike pose, and each animal figurine was carefully hand painted with an eye towards beauty and realism.

Baby Zebra Toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd. 271829

Measures: 3.25” L x 2.75” H (8.5 x 7 cm)

Recommended Ages: 3+

Interesting facts about zebra foals:

Mare zebras give birth to one foal about once a year.

Zebra foals are able to stand, walk and suckle soon after they’re born.

Zebra foals are protected by their mothers, as well as by other adult zebras in the herd.


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