African Elephant Toy


No collection of African animal toys is complete without an African elephant toy or two (or three!).

Like Giraffes and Lions, few animals symbolize the world of wild African animals like the Elephant. After all, it's the largest living land animal in the world! While the size of elephants might be intimidating, we also know that elephants are very intelligent, social, and gentle creatures with strong family bonds.

Add this elephant to a herd of toy elephants you might already have. Add it to your jungle animal collection and start your own zoo! Have your elephant toy re-enact life in the wild, or have it go on wild, imaginative adventures of your own creation.

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If you’re looking for several African Elephant toys, then check out our African Elephant Family Toy Set which includes another adult African Elephant toy plus a baby elephant toy.

This African Elephant toy makes a great gift perfect for birthdays, holidays like Christmas, or special occasions. This elephant toy is well made and will hold up well whether outdoors in the sandbox, in the park, at the beach or indoors in the family room. The elephant toy is modeled in a dynamic, lifelike pose and hand painted with careful attention to detail. Like all Safari Ltd toy figures, this African Elephant plastic figurine is lead and pthalate free. Each toy has also been thoroughly safety tested.

African Elephant toy specs:

Manufacturer: Safari Ltd.

Measures: 6.5″ L x 4″ H (16.5 x 10 cm)

Recommended ages: 3+

Interesting facts about African Elephants:

African elephants are among the world’s most intelligent species.

Elephants show a wide variety of behaviors including grief, learning, play, a sense of humor, altruism, use of tools, cooperation, self-awareness, and perhaps language.

Both male and female African elephants have tusks.

Elephant trunks are remarkably sensitive and serve as an important way that elephants touch things.

Somewhere between 40 and 60 years old, many elephants will lose their last set of molars and become toothless. Many will die as a result – tooth loss being a common form of death for elephants.


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