We’re Open!

animal family toy sets

I officially launched The Wild Animal Store in March using the yahoo store system, but then decided to shut down, retool, and reopen using a WooCommerce for WordPress.

So here’s the new store, a month later and open for business, with a lot of new animal toys. The new store has a bunch of jungle themed animal toys from Safari Ltd. They’re pretty great!

As I was writing copy and getting them ready to post on the store, I had an idea to group baby animals with adult animals to make “family animal toy sets.” Cool, huh? Best of all, you get two animals for a lower price than if you buy them separately.

Check ’em out: There’s the super fun elephant family toy set. Kids love cheetahs, and they’ll love this cheetah family set. Lions are an all time favorite, which means this lion family set will be well loved. And last of all, there’s a super cute hippo family animal toy set. There’s something just so cute about hippos (even though they’re actually pretty fierce in real life).

I intend to do more animal family toy sets with different animal toys, so either sign up for The Wild Animal Store newsletter, or check back here on the blog for the latest new product announcements.