5 Great Animal Family Toy Sets for Holiday Gifts

The holidays are well underway! If you’re looking for animal toys for children or other animal toy lovers in your life, The Wild Animal Store is a great resource for getting animal toys at a reasonable, fair price.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t just buy one animal toy at a time. They want to give their children (or the animal lovers in their lives) a few toys to play with together. One of the ways that kids seem to naturally play with animal toys is by grouping them into families. So I thought, why not sell animal toys in family groups, and provide a little discount for people when they buy more than one animal toys at a time?

So here they are – my 5 favorite animal family toy sets currently for sale. And don’t forget to browse around the site because I sell other family toy sets as well.

Elephant Family Toy Set
Elephants are such beloved and fascinating animals. Kids adore them. These toys are fun because they’re very substantial – you can feel their weight – plus the facial expressions are very cute.

Bengal Tiger Family Toy Set
Tigers are really cool. So fierce and beautiful. Here’s a great family toy set of these awesome animals.

Whitetail Deer Family Toy Set
I love this set because they’re simple pretty animal toys. The colors are rich and pleasing. They could sit quite nicely on a shelf or desk as fun little curiosities.

Brachiosaurus Family Toy Set
This toy set is cool because brachiosaurus’ are cool! Especially the grown up – it’s a big toy that’s fun to mess around with. And the baby is just adorable.

Triceratops Family Toy Set
Triceratops always strike me as the salt of the earth of the dinosaur world. Maybe not the most glamorous, but essential, which means this triceratops family toy set will get lots of play.

Please check out these and the rest of my animal family toy sets and see what you think.

Happy Holidays to all of you!