5 Great Birthday Presents for Kids

I always thought that most birthdays were in the spring, but the statistics say that summer is the time when more of us are having our birthdays than any other time of year.

If you’re like my family, this means that your kids are getting a lot of invitations to birthdays. For a while recently we were going to at least one party per weekend. This hit a crescendo two weeks ago with FOUR birthday parties in one weekend. Whew!

All these parties take up a lot of time, they require quite a bit of driving, and they also mean you gotta go out and buy presents. It not only gets expensive, but it also gets hard to come up with ideas and then find the time to go out and get the presents. How many times have we rushed over to Target or Toys R Us right before a party? Yeah, a lot.

Well, here’s a suggestion about how to make your birthday presents for kids related tasks a bit easier: Buy ahead of time and consider buying some animal family sets from The Wild Animal Store. Here are 5 different sets that make great birthday presents for kids.

5 Animal Family Toy Sets that Make Great Birthday Presents for Kids

1. Elephant Family Toy Set – With this set you get two adult elephants plus an adorable baby elephant. Made by Safari Ltd. these are great quality toys that are reasonably priced at a discount because you’re buying three of them together, not separately. This set is strongly and warmly recommended as a great birthday present for young elephant lovers amongst your friends and family

2. Cheetah Family Toy Set – Another nice set of toys from Safari Ltd., with this set you get a baby and an adult cheetah toy. The baby is super cute, and the adult cheetah is modeled in a dynamic and lifelike pose. Great birthday present for kids who love cheetahs, and believe it or not there are quite a few of them out there!

3. Zebra Family Toy Set – These two zebra toys are just absolutely adorable together. A grown up zebra mama (or dad) and a zebra baby from Safari Ltd. offered here together for a discounted price.

4. Lion Family Toy Set – This set is great. Get a male lion toy in all his regal glory, a beautiful sleek lioness toy, and an adorable baby lion toy. Made by Safari Ltd., get this collection for a discounted price.

5. Jungle Animal Family Toy Set – This one is the mother of all animal sets. Get a hippo family, cheetah family, lion family, elephant family, gorilla family, and a zebra family for a discounted price. 14 animals in 6 different animal families! Good stuff.