About Us

Hello! My name is Josh Hoffert and thank you for visiting The Wild Animal Store.

It’s a new store launched in the Spring of 2014 based on the simple idea of making happy and satisfied customers by selling the best animal toys on the market.

Why these animal toys? Because as a father of two young children I have seen my kids thrive when playing with them. Precious and memorable hours fly by as they lose themselves in play. It has been a pure joy to watch. Sometimes they play by themselves, a lot of time they play together, and sometimes I join in on the play. In my journey as a father I’ve come to the conclusion that these toys are very special. They are toys that I feel excited and proud to sell.

As well as being my inspiration, my two daughters are my diminutive creative consultants and my own in-house market research group (plus they’re great critics too, believe me). I promise you that you can shop here knowing that this is very much a family-owned and operated small business!