5 Animal Games for Girls

As you know if you’ve read my About page, my daughters are my inspiration for opening this online animal toy store. I’ve seen them spend countless hours playing with their animal toys. This means I’ve seen them play a pretty wide variety of games, scenarios, and set ups. I never fail to be surprised by what they come up with. Here are 5 animal games for girls that can be played with by animal toys that I happen to sell here.

5 Fun Animal Games for Girls Using Animal Toys

1. Horse Parades – I used to see my girls arrange their toy horses into “parades” a lot more when they were younger, but they still do it every now and then when the stories they tell require it. These parades are more or less what they sound like – long lines of horses arranged in a visually pleasing way. Sometimes they’re arranged by size or age, sometimes there are horse kings and queens. The details are all part of the play, and if you take the time to ask your girls what kind of stories are behind their horse parades, you will usually get a wonderful ear full.

2. Pet Animals – Kids love to play games which re-enact the daily life they see around them, and so it’s no surprise that they love to imagine the lives of their beloved family pets. A common animal game for girls that I see is using animal toys to play the lives of cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, horses, ponies, and even barnyard farm animals. Give them the toys and such play will likely follow.

3. Pet Stores and Animal Clinics – For whatever reason, when it comes to animal games for girls, when you give some girls some animal toys eventually the play will cover the subject of pet stores and animal clinics. The pet store them is pretty self-explanatory – kids love the experience of going to pet stores and seeing all the different animals in one place, and perhaps picking out a special family pet. They love to imagine themselves as pets waiting to find their future owners and families.

Animal clinics and veterinarians are a regular part of the lives of many pets, so I suppose it’s only natural that they’re going to show up in the animal games that girls play.

4. Zoos – Zoos are a favorite of boys and girls alike, so give them some animal toys – especially animals that we commonly think of as “zoo animals” – and the play seems to naturally turn towards zoo set ups of their own creation.

One thing I’ve noticed with my own daughters is that they will use whatever is handy to build zoo enclosures of all sorts. If you have any miniature fencing, then they’ll use that first, but from there they will use anything that works including blocks, plank toys, legos, whatever. So don’t forget to get some fencing! (I have to remind myself to sell some miniature fences, heh.)

5. Wild Animal Families – One of my favorite kinds of play with animal toys that I see my daughters doing, is re-enacting family life through toy animals. It’s pretty irresistibly cute. Dramas between animal siblings. Dramas between mom and dad animals. Wild adventures involving the whole family. The family is the starting point – from there entire world’s worth of adventure follow.

I’m obviously only scratching the surface here, and this is a topic that I’m sure I’ll revisit, but hopefully this will help you see all the possibilities for play that toy animals provide children, and in this case, girls.

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